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Vehicle adaptions for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles



Adaptions for a WAV Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


WAV wheelchair accessible vehicle adaptions, are adaptions that allow easy access for a wheelchair, powered wheelchair or a scooter to be loaded or driven into a vehicle for transportation. This is usually done with the use of a fitted ramp to the back or side of the vehicle, and can either be electrically powered or done manually. Obviously safety is paramount, and seat belts and fixing equipment has to be installed for everyone's safety.


Extra adaptions are fitted for some clients, this is for ease of use, extra safety or comfort. Extra adaptions can include: electric pulley systems, hand and grab rails, extra seats, removal of seats to remote controlled equipment and accessories.


If you wish to have professional adaptions made to your own private vehicle or a new vehicle we are here to help, Simply let us know your needs or your difficulties, and one of our qualified staff members can help you through the process. We can also inspect your vehicle, and show you the adaptions and how they will be fitted with an accurate price quote at our purpose-built premises.






Common additional adaptations to WAVs

For detailed information on what a WAV Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is.
Or what adaptions make a WAV vehicle please see our help and information page.



WAV winch adaption

Wheelchair winch

The most common item fitted as an extra to a standard WAV is a winch. This is normally for manual wheelchair users, to allow them to be pulled in to the WAV, up the ramp and in to the cabin with a cable attached to a spreader bar clipped to the front of the wheelchair. The winch has a remote handset which is used to control the winch so this can be held by someone who is also guiding the wheelchair in to position.



WAV winch adaption

Tinted windows

Another common extra for privacy in the back of the WAV where people may need to be fed or changed.



WAV seat adaption

Fold up rear seats

For some families who need an extra occasional seat in the back of the WAV, the only option can be to fit a folding seat which folds away allowing the wheelchair user to move in and out of the cabin.



WAV grab rail adaption

Grab rails

For some vehicles additional grab rails are required for access and comfort of use.



WAV powered ramp adaption

Powered ramp and doors

For drivers who have difficulty with lifting or stretching to lower the ramp and open the rear doors, these items can be powered.






WAV UK's sister company Adaptacar will undertaken all adaptions and fittings, and can be contacted directly at Adaptacar or via WAV UK.