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Warranty information from WAV UK on new and used vehicles



Warranty & Assistance — new vehicles

New Fiat Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – 36 month warranty with roadside assistance.



FIAT Car Warranty

Each new Fiat is built to the highest possible standards. We put every car through a series of tough tests, checks and inspections before it leaves the factory. Then, from the moment you drive your new car away, you're protected by no fewer than three warranties and FIAT Roadside cover.



2-Year manufacturer and third-year dealer warranty

Our 3-year warranty gives you total peace of mind. You're protected from almost every vehicle problem that might arise. You'll find details of what is and isn't included in the Fiat Passenger Vehicles Service & Warranty that you'll find in the glove box of your car. Trained technicians at your nearest Fiat dealer will make any repairs as quickly as possible, so you're back on the road in no time.


The third-year dealer warranty enjoys the same level of cover as the two year warranty above but with a 100,000 mile limit from the date of the vehicles registration (60,000 miles for vehicles used for hire and reward, such as taxis) will have a 60,000 mile limitation in the 3rd year from date of registration.



8-Year anti-perforation warranty

The structural elements of the bodywork are guaranteed against perforations caused by rust, when it occurs from the inside out.


The Warranty provides for the repair and/or replacement of any original, bodywork structural element damaged by perforating rust and is valid for 8 years from the date of first registration.


We advise you to check the specific terms and conditions of your cover in your warranty booklet.



3-Year paintwork warranty

The vehicle is guaranteed against manufacturing defects in the paintwork for a period of 36 months from the date of first registration. The Warranty provides for the total or partial repainting of the Vehicle to eliminate any anomaly determined, according to the Manufacturer's standard conditions.



FIAT Roadside assistance cover

For your first year, roadside assistance is only a phone call away should your car break down.



for full up to date details please visit FIAT's website:








Warranty and Guarantee — used vehicles

Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – 12 month limited warranty, claim limits dependant on vehicle age and mileage.


This is a copy of our warranty for informational purposes only,
and was correct at time of publish: Nov 2016.


Whilst We hope it will be trouble-free during Your Ownership, should You encounter a problem, the benefits as detailed in this Vehicle Protection Warranty are designed to assist You. This Warranty applies in addition to Your legal rights as a consumer.


It is important that You familiarise Yourself with the benefits and Your responsibilities explained in this document, and that You ensure that the Vehicle is always in good working order and regularly serviced.


Please make sure You fully understand the level of cover provided as detailed in Your Application Form and that in the event of a potential claim You follow the claims procedure as described in this document under 'Claims Conditions & Procedure'. Your attention is specifically drawn to the requirements for obtaining zero-rated VAT repairs where you are eligible.


Claims will be rejected where the claims procedure has not been followed.


When You receive the Application Form, please check that it contains the correct details and tell Us or the Administrator immediately if there are any mistakes or if You have any questions.


Please read the contents of this document carefully so You understand what is covered and the Conditions and Claims Procedure that apply. Please contact the Administrator if You have any questions.


We look forward to being of assistance to You in the future.




The words or expressions detailed below have the following meaning whenever they appear in this Warranty.



The Supplying Dealer of the Vehicle and this Warranty.



MB&G Administration, Cobalt Business Exchange, Cobalt Park Way Newcastle, NE28 9NZ, which has been appointed to deal with administrative matters relating to this Warranty


Mechanical Breakdown:

is the complete, sudden and unforeseen failure of a listed component arising from any permanent mechanical, electrical or electronic failure, causing sudden stoppage of its function, necessitating immediate repair or replacement before its normal operation can be resumed. Seizure of a component is not covered. Repairs caused as a result of wear and tear or deterioration in operating performance of components are not covered. Cover does not extend to components that are replaced at the time of repair which have not actually failed and are completed as good engineering practice or any repair which is completed as a precautionary measure.



the Warranty provided in relation to the Vehicle specified in the Application Form and subject to the Conditions and Exclusions and the other terms of this Warranty.



The registered Owner of the Vehicle forming the subject matter of this Warranty as specified in the Application Form.


Application Form:

the Application Form issued with this Warranty.



The Vehicle specified in the Application Form.




Components Covered Gold

This explains what components are covered and what components are not covered by Your Warranty.



The most We will contribute for each individual claim is shown on the Application Form, and will include VAT (unless you are eligible for zero rated VAT repairs) in total in each claim. In the event of more than one claim arising during the Warranty period, We will only contribute up to the total value of the Vehicle's purchase price in aggregate.



Your Gold Warranty covers the following components against mechanical or electrical breakdown, (subject to the conditions detailed in this Warranty and the maximum claim limit).


Please note that this Warranty does not cover failure due to Wear and Tear, in any form, unless stated on the Application Form.

This level covers the Vehicle against the breakdown of all mechanical and electrical components of the Vehicle that were the manufacturer's original specification except the following:-


Exclusions specific to the Gold Level of Cover

Body work, paint, exterior and interior trim, water ingress, locks, hinges, seat belts, seats and seat mechanism, glass of any description, alarm systems, entertainment and communications systems, remote control transmitters and receivers, airbag system, fuel tank, wheels and tyres, shock absorbers, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, brackets, mountings, hoses and pipes, cables, exhaust system, wiper blades, brake linings, discs and drums, carbonised, burnt, pitted and sticking valves, seized callipers, belts, wiring, fuses, printed circuits, bulbs, worn or leaking seals and cylinders, dual mass flywheel, diesel particulate filter, injectors. Any component required to complete a repair which differs from the original, has been modified or any part additionally required to complete a repair due to modification or improvements by a manufacturer. Cylinder head cracks, porosity, casing defects and decoking. Thermal stressing and/or fatigue fracture to engine components.

Vehicles fitted with LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) systems, HIS (Hydrogen induction systems) and any alteration to the manufacturer's intended fuelling in any form.

The renewal of any clutch Component, due to incorrect adjustment, misuse or general Wear and Tear. The clearing of fuel lines, filters, carburettors and pumps.

Oil leaks and normal Wear and Tear service items are also excluded.


In addition the following non mechanical and non-electrical Components are also covered:-



The cover will extend to cover car batteries. Claims will be restricted to one unit during the Warranty period.


Oil Seals

Crankshaft front seal, camshaft oil seal, auxiliary shaft oil seal, gearbox rear seal, drive shaft(s) seals, differential pinion seal.


Timing Belt

If the timing belt has been changed in accordance with the time/mileage requirements specified by the manufacturer and the associated components have also been replaced which run in contact with the timing belt (receipt required) it will be covered against Mechanical Breakdown.



The Radiator is covered against sudden core or joint failure.


Heater Matrix

The Heater Matrix is covered against sudden core or joint failure


Oil Cooler

The Oil Cooler is covered against sudden core or joint failure.



Should the failure of any of the covered Components result in the damage to the engine, gear box or differential casing, then these too will be covered and will be subject to the Individual Claim Limit and Maximum Dealer Contribution Limits. E.g. a covered component fails causing irreparable damage to a casing listed but not fatigue cracks.


Working Materials

Working materials and supplies such as oils, filters and anti-freeze are covered where their replacement is essential as a direct result of the failure of a covered Component.



Additional Cover

The following will only be covered if noted on the Application Form.


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles:

The access control system including powered ramp, powered tailgate including the electric motor and modified tailgate locks, powered lowering suspension, access control ECU (excl wiring), electrically operated parking brake and modified cables (fracture only, not water ingress), electrically operated gear selector, swivel chair mechanism, automated wheelchair docking device, modified exhaust system (not catalytic converter & excluding corrosion).


Wear and Tear:

This warranty does not cover the replacement of Components due to Wear and Tear unless noted on the Application Form. Claims for mechanical failure of covered Components due to Wear and Tear will be accepted on vehicles up to 5 years and / or 60,000 miles. The additional benefit of Wear and Tear cover ceases immediately the Vehicle exceeds 5 years and / or 60,000 miles or at expiry of this Warranty.


Please note:

Battery Maintenance

A vehicle that has not been operated regularly for a reasonable about of time may discharge the battery to an inadequate level. If You repeatedly travel short distances You may drain your battery to an insufficient level, and therefore unable to start / operate the vehicle. This is not a vehicle fault, You have simply not allowed the charging system sufficient time to re-charge the battery. If this occurs You may need to use an off board charging system.




Conditions and Exclusions

The conditions of this Warranty are set out below.


1. Before selling You the Vehicle, the Dealer will have checked it to make sure that the parts included under this Warranty are in a serviceable condition. Any faults which could be said to have been present before this Warranty was arranged will not be covered under this Warranty.


2. Mechanical Breakdown is the complete, sudden and unforeseen failure of a listed component arising from any permanent mechanical, electrical or electronic failure, causing sudden stoppage of its function, necessitating immediate repair or replacement before its normal operation can be resumed. Seizure of a component is not covered. Repairs caused as a result of wear and tear or deterioration in operating performance of components are not covered. Cover does not extend to components that are replaced at the time of repair which have not actually failed and are completed as good engineering practice or any repair which is completed as a precautionary measure.


3. In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown if You do not follow the conditions and procedures herein Your claim will be rejected.


4. Only You may give permission for investigation, exploratory or dismantling work and You do so in the knowledge that You will be responsible for the costs incurred, if the fault is not covered. The cost of taking it apart will only be accepted if this is part of an authorised repair under this Warranty.


5. In the event of a potential claim You must disclose full details of any and all investigative, diagnostic, repair and /or modification work carried out to the vehicle, whether or not this work appears to be connected with the potential claim. Failure to disclose full details may invalidate Your claim.


6. The terms and conditions of this Warranty cannot be varied unless agreed in writing by the Administrator.


7. The Administrator is not responsible for any mistakes or incorrect information provided by the Dealer about the nature or value of this Warranty.


8. The repair will not cost more than the parts manufacturer's list prices. The Administrator reserves the right to only authorise the cost of patent, reconditioned or exchange parts or components and the right to supply the parts and to direct or redirect a repair to a repairer in order for repairs to be completed. The labour content will be limited to the approved labour rate and standard ICME repair times. If parts have to be ordered from outside the UK, only the UK price of an equivalent part will be authorised. Only the labour costs that are necessary to repair those parts will be paid, in line with the approved Warranty labour rate. Actual repair times will be limited to those in the latest Glass's Guide Institute of Chartered Mechanical Engineers (ICME) manual. With every claim You make You must provide a VAT receipt from the repairer, who must be authorised by the Administrator to carry out the repair.


9. In the event of a claim the Administrator may instruct an independent engineer to inspect the Vehicle and individual components and provide a written report and opinion to the Administrator before an authorisation or rejection of the claim is issued. No liability in relation to any delay or additional costs caused or incurred will be accepted.


10. Where the renewal of any parts or assemblies brings about improvement or betterment of the vehicle a contribution may be required from You.


11. Claims will only be considered where the failure occurs and notification is given to the Administrator within the period of the Warranty as confirmed in the Application Form provided to You at the time the Warranty was arranged. If You do not have this document You should contact the Administrator immediately. Once the Administrator is notified of a claim the Administrator will require within 7 days a full diagnosis of the reasons for failure and a full breakdown of the parts and labour and a full breakdown of the costs of rectification. Your repairing garage must contact the Administrator and provide a full diagnosis.


12. Refunds will not be paid under this warranty. Refunds will never be paid if You have made a claim.


13. This Warranty will be rendered invalid if You fail to maintain Your Vehicle in compliance with the manufacturer's service schedule including the changing of timing belts. This must be carried out by a VAT registered garage of your choice.

When You have Your Vehicle serviced, Your Vehicle is allowed to be:

• 500 miles either side of the service mileage;



• four Weeks either side of the time period given;

whichever comes first.

It is important that You keep Your service receipts as the Administrator may need to see them in the event of a claim. The only acceptable proof of servicing will be the fully detailed VAT service invoice showing date, mileage, and work carried out. Please retain proof of all previous service invoices for inspection in the event of a claim. Failure to adhere to the above service requirements will result in automatic rejection of the claim and Your Warranty cover will become null and void.


14. You must maintain a current valid MOT Test Certificate for the whole period that the vehicle is covered under the Warranty. In the event of a claim the Administrator may request details from You including copies of MOT Test Certificates in order to confirm that a valid certificate has been in place and in order to access the MoT Test history for the vehicle.


15. Remedial or rectification work identified during a routine service or MOT Test will not be covered under this Warranty.


16. This Warranty is valid for breakdown in the United Kingdom (which includes Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). The Warranty is also valid while Your Vehicle is outside the United Kingdom but within the European Union or the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) for up to 60 days a year.


17. This Warranty is administered on behalf of the Dealer that sold You Your Vehicle by MB&G Administration . The liability of MB&G Administration under this Warranty is expressly limited to the provision of administration services on behalf of the Dealer. Any claims payments made under the Warranty are made by or on behalf of the Dealer.


18. This Warranty does not cover the following:

a) The repair or replacement of components which were faulty or had suffered a breakdown or damage prior to the commencement of this Warranty or where the repair, replacement, loss, damage or liability is claimable under any other existing warranty or guarantee or necessitated due to inherent faulty design, manufacturing fault following a recall by the manufacturer, or as a result of incorrect repair or diagnosis of a previous fault, or damage caused by the Vehicle being driven with a fault or loss or damage caused by not taking preventative measures to minimise loss or damage. This Warranty does not cover faults which are determined to have been pre-existing or developing at the date of the commencement of this Warranty. This Warranty does not cover damage to the Vehicle or its components caused by water ingress, frost, corrosion, neglect, any foreign matter getting into or onto a part, lack of servicing, the effects of overheating, whether caused by a covered part or not, abuse, contamination or the freezing of any liquids, or use of the incorrect grade or type or contaminated fuel or lubricant, or any misuse or omission or negligence by the Vehicle Owner or driver.


b) Any form of consequential loss. This means You are not covered for any other costs that are directly or indirectly caused by the event which led to Your claim, or any additional costs incurred by You.


c) Any component required to complete a repair which differs from the original, has been modified or any part additionally required to complete a repair due to modification or improvements by a manufacturer. Cylinder head cracks, porosity, casing defects and decoking. Vehicles fitted with LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) systems, HIS (Hydrogen induction systems), water injection and any alteration to the manufactures intended fuelling in any form.


d) Tuning, adjustments, the cleaning of any assemblies including the fuel and lubrication systems.


e) Any costs related to diagnostic work.


f) The cost of testing and investigatory or remedial work.


g) Parts subject to recall or repair or replacement by the manufacturer or attributable to a manufacturer's design fault or defect.


h) Any Vehicle where the speedometer or mileometer has been interfered with, altered or disconnected.


i) Repairs, replacements or alterations not authorised by the Administrator.


j) Routine servicing or maintenance.


k) Repairs to Vehicles which have been altered or modified after the Warranty has been arranged.


l) Any vehicle used, at any time, for hire or reward (such as taxis or driving school vehicles), any commercial vehicle that weighs more than 3.5 tonnes (unloaded), any vehicle used in any sort of competition, rally or racing, or any vehicle used in providing a public service (for example, police vehicles or ambulances).


m) The gradual reduction in the performance of any part due to the age of the Vehicle or the number of miles it has covered (or both).


n) Any liability for death, bodily injury, damage to other property or loss caused directly or indirectly by the claim or event giving rise to a claim under this Warranty. However, this exclusion does not apply to any death or bodily injury caused by Our negligence or that of Our agents.


o) Any damage due to any type of accident.


p) Any damage which is a direct result of Your or someone else's (other than Us or Our agents) negligence or deliberate act.


q) Any parts which are replaced as part of normal servicing requirements.


r) Claims where the failure occurs outside of the period of the Warranty or where the Administrator does not receive a full diagnosis and full breakdown of costs within 7 days of first being notified of a potential claim


s) Any claim where the Warranty has not been set up with the Administrator correctly or where a confirmation letter has not been issued to the customer.


t) Any VAT element of a claim where You are VAT registered or where the cost of repairs are eligible to be zero-rated for VAT. Where repairs are eligible to be zero-rated You are responsible for providing Your repairer with the original purchase invoice for the vehicle or adaptation to confirm that it had previously been supplied at the zero-rate. Your repairer should also retain a copy as evidence for zero-rating his supply to You. You will be responsible for providing a valid eligibility declaration to Your repairer. You are responsible for ensuring that the supply made by Your repairer is zero-rated.


u) Any parts which have not failed but have been reported as requiring replacement during routine servicing and/or repairs or at the time an authorised repair is in progress.


v) The replacement or adjustment of any part to enable Your Vehicle to pass an MOT.


w) Service items including but not limited to: distributor cap, gaiters, boots, rotor arm, condensers, points, high tension leads, spark plugs, wiper blades, tyres, hoses, filters, bulbs, belts, antifreeze, fluids and grease.


x) Seizure of a component.


y) Cover shall not apply to any claims arising thereby or indirectly caused or contributed by or in consequence of a loss;

Directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lockout, confiscation or detention by customs or other officials or authorities, terrorism, malicious intent or vandalism.

Directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from:

1) irradiation or contamination by Nuclear Material; or

2) the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous or contaminating properties of any radioactive matter; or

3) any device or weapon employing atomic or nuclear fission and / or fusion or other like reaction or radioactive force or matter.




Claims Conditions & Procedure

1. If the Vehicle shows signs of imminent failure, DO NOT continue to use it. This may cause further damage for which You will be responsible. Please contact the Administrator.


2. This Warranty will not pay for any stripping down of parts to determine the cause of the failure unless the claim is accepted. The maximum that will be paid in total is the limit shown on Your Application Form. If you are eligible for zero- rated VAT repairs it is your responsibility to notify your nominated repairer.


3. If You suffer a Mechanical Breakdown You should call the Administrator on: 0191 259 6378

DO NOT proceed with repairs until the claim is authorised by the Administrator.


4. It is Your responsibility to appoint a repairer who is capable of correctly diagnosing the full causes of the problem with the Vehicle and completing a repair if authorised by the Administrator.


5. This Warranty does not cover any costs related to diagnostic work.


6. The repairer appointed by You and acting on Your behalf will be asked to give the following information: Repairers name & address Warranty Reference number Your Vehicle registration number Your name Current mileage of the Vehicle Full details of the cause of breakdown (including a copy of any printed or computer generated diagnosis), diagnosis, fault codes, part numbers and labour time Itemised costs Service history Please note responsibility will not be accepted for repair costs from a repairer which exceed the approved labour rates and parts applicable in the UK at the date of breakdown.


7. The Administrator may authorise the repair. The Administrator reserves the right to request other estimates, examine the Vehicle and/or subject the claim to expert assessment and/or to nominate the repairer.


8. The Administrator's hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).


9. Where repairs are authorised an authority number will be given. However, authorisation is conditional on the terms and conditions of this Warranty.


10. Payment When the repairs have been completed, You or the repairer should send the invoice to the Administrator quoting the authority number given prior to the commencement of the repairs. The invoice must give full details of the repair including all parts used in the authorised repair, labour and VAT (VAT will not be paid where you are eligible for zero-rated VAT repairs). Invoices should be sent to: MB&G Administration, Cobalt Business Exchange, Cobalt Park Way Newcastle, NE28 9NZ And must clearly state the party to be paid. NOTE: Only the components listed in this Warranty will be considered for repair.


11. Authorised repairs will only be made up to the limits shown on the Application Form or Confirmation Letter or any lower limits that may be specified within this Warranty.


12. The Administrator may insist that Your repairer use patent, exchange, reconditioned or parts supplied by the Administrator to effect the repair.


13. If the part to be replaced improves the general condition or value of the Vehicle, You may be required to pay towards the improvement.


14. It is expressly agreed and declared that under this Warranty the Dealer shall be released from all liability and obligation should the conditions of the Warranty not be complied with fully by You.


15. If the Warranty is cancelled for whatever reason there will be no refund.


16. Where a claim has been authorised the right is reserved to rescind the authority and receive full reimbursement of any payments made where:

a ) The fault or the cause of the fault was misdiagnosed or there was an error in the diagnosis

b) The repair does not completely rectify the reported fault

c) The claim is false or exaggerated in any respect

d) Information is received from any source which, had this information been known at the time the claim was authorised, would have meant that the claim would have rejected, or further information would have been required in order to accept or reject the claim.

Where payment has been made to a repairer, both You and the repairer will be jointly and severally liable to make reimbursement.


17. Fraud All benefits under this Warranty are forfeited if a fraudulent claim is made.


18. Law Unless some other law is agreed in writing, this policy is governed by English law. If there is a dispute, it will only be dealt with in the courts of England or of the country within the United Kingdom in which your main residence is situated.


19. If the breakdown happens outside of the UK, the following process applies:

a) DO NOT proceed with repairs until the claim is authorised by the Administrator.

b) The repair must be carried out in countries who are members of the European Union or the European Free Trade Association.

c) Payments will be limited to the equivalent UK rate for labour charges and parts manufacturer's list prices at the date of the repair.

d) Authorised repair costs will be refunded to You in pounds sterling at the rate of exchange that applies at the time of the repair upon receipt of a genuine invoice and any other documentation requested by the Administrator.




Good Service Promise

Any enquiry or complaint that You may have regarding this Warranty should in the first instance be addressed to Us. If the enquiry or complaint relates to matters involving the Administrator You may contact them at:


MB&G Administration, Cobalt Business Exchange, Cobalt Park Way, Newcastle, NE28 9NZ Tel: 0191 259 6378 Email: claims@mbginsurance.com Please quote the details of this Warranty and in particular Your reference number so that Your enquiry can be dealt with promptly. This procedure is in addition to Your statutory rights as a consumer. For further information about Your statutory rights contact Your local authority Trading Standards Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau.


Data Protection Act (1998)

Please note that any information provided to us will be processed by us and our agents in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, for the purpose of providing insurance and handling claims, if any, which may necessitate providing such information to third parties. We may also send the information in confidence for process to other companies acting on their instructions including those located outside the European Economic Area.



MB&G Administration administer the Warranty on behalf of WAV UK.







updated: Nov 2018



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